All the dusty roads take us to… destiny’s enciting paved way

Artistic high resolution photo of nude girl from behind on a dusty dirty road with trees on the edges.
It’s funny how we let ourselves to ‘go with the flow’… like our options won’t matter and we’ll reach the same path anyhow.. so All the dusty roads take us to… destiny’s enticing paved way.

The life is full of dust, as our way through it…sometimes the dust is so much that we cannot see a better way… too much dust and we’re up on the way of wandering on a path with no purpose and most of the times with no or little positive things in it… too little dust and we’re only be able to see the fake oasis of the temptation that lies right in front of our eyes… it’s too easy and tempting not to reach it… but is it the best..?

Nude girl on dusty road with trees artistic nude

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