Be Careful What You Wish For…

I longed for power ever since I can remember. The mesmerizing beauty of control. At first subconsciously, then with all my being. The power started to befriend me. It was just a little power, and it felt nice. So nice that I wanted more, and more…

Its roots were gentle at the beginning, its touch was warm and exciting. I felt in love, somehow. It was not long until it engulfed me all. I became power, and the control was my slave. I was the ruler with an iron fist. I wanted no emotions, because those are for the weak. I was in full control, and in my control, I thought I know it all. I could see and make sense in the dar, as it was covering my world.

With time, the gentle touch of power was not so gentle anymore. It was rudely pulling heavy on my shoulders, bending me with every step I would take, crooked me with every breath, ordered me with every thought.

The power is heavy, and I have to carry it all alone. It takes no brakes, it takes no comfort. The devil is a loyal company that accepts no excuses and no detours…

The shadows were heavy and brutal. Bending the knee in front of the power, I was crawling. What I once ruled it was now ruling me. I bowed my head but not my soul…

I tasted power. I want to leave it behind. I’m coming out from the depths of my dark wishes…


Be the model

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