Be the Model

Hi. I’m Marius.

Yep, that’s me above. My best pic.

And who might you be? Hmm… are you the next free soul that will be the light in my camera?

Nice to meet you.

Me? Oh, yes. I’m an open-minded photographer specialized in the magic of the nudes. and a writer (and a webmaster. and a… what? I have many edges… just like you 🙂 )

I like to observe, and I like to express. I love the naturalness. I don’t like directing (tho I like themes).

I am interested in real, pure emotions. moments, stories, smiles, and connections – all with the gentle touch of meaningfulness. They create pure art. The art of a small window in our lives.

I do edit the photos, simply because our naked eye cannot see what our mind can…

I love to write. I create metaphoric stories. Or they create me… I’m about to find out.

I’m currently based in Romania. I’m open worldwide 🙂

The photoshoots are free – of money. I do steal some of your precious time.

Send a message and let me know. Or check me out on and contact me there.

Thank you!