False Doors will tie us but will reveal our true nature..

Take down my armor.

Sometimes we are too blind to see what’s real or not, what’s good or what’s bad… […] but maybe we’re not blind, we’re just not so free to see it…
Tie my bare body… it lacks my daily armor.. it’s just the way I am. Stripped and empty.. lie to me.. give me false hopes.. put me in front of fake better ways… give me a false life.. a wall instead of a door.. have my body.. it’s yours.
But my spirit… my spirit will always be mine.. the little me was saying after a while, a short walk through my journey called ‘life’

Brake my freedom to gain my true freedom.

See how true freedom tastes. How else can you truly appreciate something unless you lose it.. For I long for freedom, but first I need to know my constraint. I can brake my chains into such beautiful terrible parts, too beautiful to let them rotten on the ground… it’s too early now, I’ll want them back too soon..
Changing is not easy. it starts with revealing my true self… accepting it, working on my flaws, accepting more, and ultimately decide my own way.
I need to know my visible face, because that face will reflect into my happiness.

Know the color of my soul.
A shortcut in life could prove to be a solid wall… my lost hopes, forgotten dreams, will finally solidify in such a measure that the wall would be so solid, so strong, keeping out all the good…

I know that only something with a big impact could brake it…; and I wonder.. what is stronger than my infinite will…?
from the bottom of the whole in my heart I get the sound of the screaming silence… I don’t need to hear it, I don’t need to know it.. I feel it. It is love. Be it love for myself. I know there’s nothing more powerful than myself. I can bend my dreams to take the form of reality; I can smash the darkness into such little pieces, they will be too small to retain the dark, and they will glow..they will glow so bright that their unity will make my sky so light that even my deepest gap will build a bridge and seal the channel on which I sail on my forgotten wounds forever..

Befriend myself.
My stuck body set my new friends loose… my demons are ultimately my friends; We need each other. I now play with them inside my [own] world, a world where I am whatever I choose to be. I can now choose to be free. They agree. We’re friends after all…

There was happiness in my sadness. It sounds mad, but what is true happiness if not madness..?
I now know my color; my soul is blue. What about yours?

Yours honestly,

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