Free Spirit in a Communist Shell

They build fences, walls, we build rooms. They built blocks to keep us inside – where it’s so nice, cozy and warm – so warm that our mind fries in the juice left after squeezing the freedom out of our thoughts…

And yet, somehow, we find a way to plant a seed and use the juice to grow it up so big; so big that will blow their walls, and it will spit us out of our own rooms, out in the wild open, where we can run freely and jump over the mighty fence of our captivity…

 We leave the fear behind and we run towards ourselves. Our real selves.

And yet, somehow, we come back – to rescue what we left behind. We let hope make love with our doubts, and we give birth to our own inner fences – far taller and stronger – because they are not visible to the naked eye…


Be the model

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