I’m Not Your Ordinary Demon

I’m only marked by my own desires. I unleash them whenever my skin is too heavy.

I’m the dissident escapee, who forgot where it placed the pin for the border of decency.

I invaded freedom and I made it all mine.

I relentlessly subdued each and every thought that was proudly wearing the banner of tradition.

I rule with the iron hand of confidence.

I rejoice at the sound of my agonizing tags, which are slowly, but surely, dying. They were once so mighty…

I smile at the bankruptcy of my tired minion gossipers.

I laugh at the touch of the surrounding envious.

You fear my borderless new spirit. And yet, you cant’s stop staring at.

You judge me with the ax of insecurity.

You want to reflect the beauty of my freedom, into your small, dusty mirror, in the forbidden corner of your longing heart…

You praise me with the silence of the obedient.

You call me demon, and you draw my shape with doubt and wonder.

You feed me with curiosity.

You squeeze up your heart and pump it to your brain. You give up your flag, widely opening your arms.

You welcome me inside.

But somehow you feel I’m not your ordinary demon…

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