My Mind’s Vengeful Dark Corner

I willingly sending myself to the dark corner of my restless mind.

I feel the need to punish myself for the thing I have to deny I wanted to do…

I face the loneliness of my corner, in the endless race of complying…

My other self mocks me on my back, with sweet words of freedom. Its shadows are dancing in the dark.

I punish myself, as my sins command me. The fear of change redundantly pulls my head down. I contain myself in the frustration of my blind regret.

My upside down mind  lives at the border of two worlds: my respectful self, and my happy, daring, self.

I want to choose but yet I freeze.

I want to belong, but yet, I need not to.

I need to be progressive, but yet, I want to be conservative.

I want no desires, but yet, I need all of them.

I want to feel ashamed, but yet, I feel no shame.

I want to cry, but yet, I feel like laughing.

I want to stay, but yet, I feel like moving.

I want to feel what I need.

I meet new people every time I see a mirror. I know I’ve got no time to grieve my older self.

But yet I stay…

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