Obey The Light

Artistic nude girl photo called “Obey The Light” – at the dark mountain corrupted by the light…

I write these words with my last heavy breath, as I am now sure I am doomed; I struggled for so long. I had my way. But hope has left me. The light is simply too strong for my tired soul to resist… I’m infected. I’m full. The light simply bursts out from my insides. I can’t patch the white holes anymore. They’re too many. They’re too big. My beautiful black is not so beautiful anymore…; As my will is not so misty, and my mind is not so clouded, as my heart is not so blue, as my hands are not so tied, as my breath is not so heavy, as my hair is not so dull, as my body is not so shy, as my skin is not so  callous, as my inner voice is not so dead… I realize.

The light, my worst enemy, is at my soul’s gates for a while, and it corrupted me in such a way, that not only it broke the gates of my body, but the veil of my soul… even my closed ears were tricked by its sweet whispers to lean over and open, and have made my once so dark eyes to shine the brightness upon my once mourning brain, which in turn melted my icy heart and made it such a slave… I now know it’s too late. I am done. These are my last words, my last thoughts, my last beat of darkness… I’m corrupted in such terrifying way that I now understand happiness. That lousy thing I thought it’s just the hope of the fool. I am now that fool. The shame… oh, where is the shame? It threatened me for so long.

But  I shine. I shine in so many ways, that everything I touch will bare witness to my light… I am the slave, the happy slave of my inner light, which never stops burning my ending darkness…

The light orders and breaks. I can’t say no, I can’t feel no, I can’t think no, I don’t want no. I obey, I obey. I am free in my obedience.

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