Out of the Ordinary

You reached perfection, with your perfectly ordered and logical thoughts, planted so tedious and with so much effort, in all this time… and yet you gaze upon the one who will break all of the others… the one who will break you, the one who is the death of your perfection… the death of you, as you know yourself to be.

The one who brings you sorrow with so much joy. The one who brings you a smile with a tear. The one who gives you pleasure with so much torture. The one who sends you chills with so much stillness. The one who takes your breath away with so much boredom. The one who moves you, tho it never moves. The one who’s raising your passion with so much dullness. The one who’s inspiring you without doing anything. The one who’s growing your fury with such calm…

The one who’s treating your madness with such sense. The one who’s frustrating you with such blessing. The one who heals your fear with such confidence. The one who’s taking your hatred with such loving. The one who’s seeing your anger with such ease. The one who’s accepting your disgust with such liking. The one you dream about over and over again, in the anticipation of the fool…The one you fantasize about with so much desire. The one to which you’ll never get again…

Be the model

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