The unnamed obvious feeling

Artistic nude photo of a girl wandering in the magical bamboo forest, so warm and beautiful, giving freedom to her thoughts and body…getting lost for one day into the mists of her own mind crossed with nothing else but the quietness of everything..

Nudist Girl Walking in Warm Magical Bamboo Forest artistic nude

because in the silence she hears a lot… lurking in the light of the steadfast bamboos, emanating the wiseness of the still, who bares witness to all and nothing…

touching their thick skin and subtle presence, feeling their energy, that, all of a sudden, lusts for merging with her own, in a dance of the two worlds…

the still are not the dead.

.. Her eyes can not spot anything else than the ordinary… blunt lines and dull nature scheme, demanding for logic in the world of the palpable, screaming thoughts of reason creating the noise of the reality …

luckily, she likes to see the world through something that sometimes reveals more..

something deeper, appropriate for the depths of the light that fades into the spirit of the forest:  her always loving heart – full of that kind of wisdom nobody can explain but all can relate to, and none can deny it; the kind that makes you feel its warmth invading your inner rivers, creating the big warm ocean you feel in your stomach, from the depths of which your next emotion will swim to the surface of your lips and stretch them… 🙂

[…] her heart tells her that there is something more to this place than meets the eye; it is there, undoubtedly. she knows. she does. it’s mustn’t be, but it is. her soul feasts with it. it feeds her lungs, it plays on her muscles like they are perfect strings to an unstring guitar,  rejoicing the hair, caressing her sensitive skin, running and playing on her pores, treasuring the boldness of her bare body, admiring (with one eye, and being envious with the other) the lucky air, flowing on her unembellished curves, touching her inner senses, listening to the sound of her mind walking on the path of discovery while watching her heart leaps the hills of the unknown…

[…] what it was her words cannot describe. she’s already telling more than any of her words that never got the chance to be born..

it is her soul that is telling you to go feel it on your own…

The unnamed obvious feeling



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